Ananda Mitchell: Voice

Ananda Mitchell's voice is a sublime force of nature. Interpreting jazz or soul, rock or blues, Motown, pop and even country, she transfuses her audiences with a powerful joie de vivre.  Originally from Trinidad, she has captured New England, winning Bostonian Idol three times, singing the National Anthem for the Red Sox, Celtics, and Revolution. Ananda has been performing lead vocals for local event bands Ripcord and Mindseye for the last 7 years.

She loves all genres from pop to metal but holds a special place in her heart for the classic soul and blues music of Aretha Franklin, Bonnie Raitt, Sam Cooke, Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson.

Ananda has worked with children through different non-profits for almost two decades and is excited to use her experience to teach voice at Keith's Music House. You will also find Ananda working behind the scenes as manager of KMH. She has worked in the retail industry and e-commerce for 21 years. Ananda brings a wealth of knowledge and a fun energy to KMH.